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iFuse Navigation Instrument Set

The new iFuse Navigation Instrument Set allows surgeons who use the O-arm imaging system and StealthStation® navigation system to perform the iFuse procedure for MIS SI joint fusion. Here are the instruments you'll need to perform the procedure, a printable information sheet, and a video that shows you what to expect.

Instrumentation for iFuse Procedure

  • SI-BONE iFuse Navigation Instrument Set
  • SI-BONE Radiolucent Instrument Set
  • SI-BONE 3.1 mm Threaded Tip and Blunt Tip Pins

Additional Instrumentation

  • Medtronic O-arm Imaging System/StealthStation
  • Medtronic StealthStation Universal Drill Guide Set
  • Medtronic StealthStation Spine Referencing Set
  • Medtronic Disposable Perc Pin (100mm or 150mm)
  • Medtronic TeraTrackers (3 different colored TeraTrackers from the StealthStation Tactile Probe Set are needed)

The iFuse-Navigation System has been designed by SI-BONE, Inc. and cleared by FDA for use with the Medtronic StealthStation Navigation System and theTeraTrackers. Trademarks in Stealthstation and Medtronic® are owned by Medtronic, Inc. The iFuse Navigation Instruments are independently developed, manufactured and distributed by SI-BONE, Inc.

iFuse Navigation Instrument Set

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iFuse Navigation Instrument Set

Dr. Kranenburg, who has been using the iFuse procedure for 4 years when this 20 minute video was recorded, explains minimally invasive sacroiliac joint fusion with the iFuse Implant System using the iFuse Navigation Set.

Order the iFuse Navigation Instrument Set

To order the iFuse Navigation Instrument Set, please contact your local SI-BONE sales representative or call SI-BONE at:

T +39 0331 1561179


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