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Accessibility Statement

Accessibility Statement for SI-BONE, Inc.

SI-BONE, Inc. is committed to ensuring digital accessibility to our website for people with disabilities. We are continually improving the user experience for everyone, applying the relevant accessibility standards.

Accessibility Background

SI-BONE has taken the following measures to improve accessibility of SI-BONE-owned websites:

  • Assigned clear accessibility goals and responsibilities
  • Ensuring all new website content created substantially conforms with WCAG 2.1 Levels A and AA accessibility standards
  • Engaged third-party accessibility consultant to conduct automated scan and manual accessibility testing and assist with remediation efforts
  • Completed various accessibility optimizations to websites including:
    • Videos: closed captions and audio descriptions are included with our videos
    • Forms: Compliant error messaging and elements related to navigation elements and custom controls
    • Infographics: Simplified table view
    • Contrast: adjusted CSS
    • Alt Tags: Verify that all are descriptive
    • Aria labels: Update to reflect proper usage
    • Navigation: Removed roll states. Ensure proper order when tabbing.

Current Conformance Status

The Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) defines requirements for designers and developers to improve accessibility for people with disabilities. It defines three levels of conformance: Level A, Level AA, and Level AAA. SI-BONE is partially conformant with WCAG 2.1 level AA. Partially conformant means there may be some parts of the website content that do not fully conform to the accessibility standard. We have established a plan to work towards remediation of accessibility issues as we become aware of them.


We welcome your feedback on the accessibility of SI-BONE. Please let us know if you encounter accessibility barriers on this website:

  • Phone: (+1) 408.207.0700 or toll-free (877) 689-2202
  • E-mail:
  • Postal address: SI-BONE, Inc.
471 El Camino Real, Suite 101 Santa Clara, CA 95050, Attention: Compliance

Customers requiring assistance with purchasing can email or call, (+1) 408.207.0700.

We try to respond to feedback within 5 business days.

This statement was created on 30 September 2022.

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