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  • Rigid titanium construction and triangular implant geometry provide immediate stabilization.
  • Unique design provides interference fit between the implant and the surrounding bone (cortical and cancellous bone).
  • 6X greater rotational resistance vs. screw. 82


  • 3D printed implant with porous surface facilitates bone ongrowth.17
  • Fenestrated structure allows through growth and accommodates bone graft.17
  • Porous surface self harvests bone during insertion.17


  • Immobilization and stabilization of the sacroiliac joint (SIJ) provides a foundation for long constructs that includes spinopelvic fixation.
  • 30% reduction in SI joint motion by adding iFuse Bedrock to sacral-alar iliac (S2AI) screws. 114
Image Courtesy of Dr. Clifford Douglas (Lorna Linda, CA)
Image Courtesy of Dr. Clifford Douglas (Lorna Linda, CA)

More Levels. More Stress.

A 2009 paper published in Spine by Ivanov showed fusing the L5-S1 and L4-S1 increased the motion (stress) of the sacroiliac joint by 52% and 168%, respectively.112

Conversely, there is little increase in motion of the lumbar spine (2-4%)113 and little increase in hip stress (5%)114 after fusing the sacroiliac joint.

Joint mechanics 4

Bedrock Biomechanics108 Barrow Neurological Institute

SI Joint ROM chart

S2A1 Bending Moment chart

  • iFuse Bedrock stabilized the SI joint as measured by decreased ROM 
  • S2AI and S2AI with iFuse Bedrock decreased the bending moments on the S1 screw (reduced S1 screw stresses)
  • iFuse Bedrock decreased the bending moments on the S2AI screw (reduced S2AI screw stresses) 


SI Joint and iFuse Implant System Training

SI-BONE offers training on SI joint diagnosis and treatment for healthcare providers. Learn more about SI joint training opportunities.

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