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Solving Musculoskeletal Disorders of the Sacropelvic Anatomy


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Solutions sacro-pelviennes pour le dysfonctionnement de l'articulation SI

SI Joint Dysfunction

Form thumb Installing Ifuse

Designed specifically for sacroiliac joint dysfunction.

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Do your high energy pelvic trauma patients have ongoing pain?

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Image Courtesy of Dr. Clifford Douglas (Lorna Linda, CA)

Do your long constructs have a solid foundation?

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Clinical Evidence

iFuse: Backed by Evidence

Safety, Effectiveness and Reliability

Unparalleled clinical evidence on the treatment of SI joint dysfunction with the iFuse Implant System®

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iFuse-3D Video

Watch this short video about the iFuse-3D Implant, which is created with the latest proprietary 3D printing technology.

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Formation formelle et spécialisée sur l'articulation SI à l'intention des chirurgiens et prestataires de soins de santé


Resource Library for Healthcare Providers

Materials supporting education on the SI joint and iFuse:

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